Pets on a plane, train or boat!?

There are many reasons for a pet to embark on an overseas journey. Have you ever considered what is involved in taking your dog on holiday abroad or permanently relocating your cat to another country? Perhaps your pet is competing like America’s Got Talent winners; The Olate dogs, recently arriving at Heathrow for their performance on ‘Sunday night at the Palladium’. Assistance dogs also need to travel with their owners .Meet two experts; Lee Fisher and Gemma Hall, who help make it possible for pets to fly safely and responsibly. Learn a few tips on making your cherished pets more content and stress free during their journey by air, road or sea.

Lee Fisher is the Operations Manager for JCS Livestock who are experts and industry winners in the safe transportation of all livestock. Lee has been working in the animal transportation sector for more than 10 years. His knowledge surpasses the statutory regulations, rules and care requirements involved when moving all types of animal species. Lee has a devoted focus with an infinite and committed approach to every animal he meets. He currently deals with animal export and knows the importance of creating stress free travel. Lee is a big softie and perfect animal advocate who knows every trick and creature comfort. Some people fail to meet basic, animal transport needs; the cost implications of a suitably sized container come before common sense and humanity. If the travel crate is not big enough for the animal to stand upright, to fully rotate and lay down outstretched, Lee will reject it. If it is not ventilated adequately and is not paw or snout proof, Lee will reject it! Clients have Lee’s personal contact details and reach him 24 hours a day from all nations and time zones!! That’s commitment! If you have any questions about transporting your pet, Lee welcomes your enquiries
Gemma Hall from JCS Livestock is an intuitively caring person; she has an affinity with animals and excellent industry skills. Gemma’s dedicated approach to her role as an import specialist, makes her the ideal, first point of contact for pet owners as they become reunited with their animal friends after arrival in the UK. One of the first questions an owner will ask

Gemma is “How are they?” As Gemma has already seen the animals at offload, she can reassure the owners and swiftly notify them of any problems. The clearance process is lengthy and there are many compliance factors involved for the arrival of all animals into the UK, whether they originate from EU or non EU countries. Details of The Pet Travel Scheme can be found at It can take a few hours to complete the transit paperwork and ensure all requirements and regulations are upheld. During this waiting time, Gemma and the team, make sure the animals have everything they need during their comfort break, including love, cuddles and belly rubs! Owners can become anxious and frustrated during the wait and are unhappy when things don’t go well. Absolutely everything must be in perfect order and clearance will fail if rules are not followed correctly, that applies to celebrities too! Failures can result from seemingly tiny details; Such as the tape worm medication not having an accurate dose of the correct active ingredient. If a blood test is required 30 days after a vaccine, 29 days will not do! Johnny Depp probably has a new appreciation of Livestock import and export rules after his dogs were refused entry to Australia in April. There are no short cuts; the rules are there for complete protection.
All kinds of species meet Gemma on arrival, not just dogs. The team at JCS Livestock have greeted Fish, Penguins, Rhino, Zebra and cats of all sizes! However, sometimes there are one or two favourites.

Laska has completed 10 years active service in The National Gun Squad. She has been sniffing out illicit drug hauls and hidden explosives across America. Gemma greeted Laska as she came to the UK to begin her retirement years with her officer. Owner and working dog clearly shared an immeasurable bond and are unused to any time apart. Gemma witnessed a very emotional reunion and saw more than one tear filled eye.
Rambo, the nervous puppy had a long flight from America. Gemma gave Rambo plenty of reassurance and love to settle his anxiety.

Gemma has found that pets are less stressed if they travel with an item of clothing that has the scent of its owner. There are a number of herbal sprays available to assist calming (never give sedatives; this is dangerous in combination with altitude). For dogs, always ensure their lead is available; a familiar lead prevents Kennel guarding, reassures by association and encourages exit walks.

Written by Thea Tsamplakos


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