Dog walking

Our dog walking service is very flexible and accommodating, arranging collection and drop off times to suit you. Paws Together look after a vast range of dog breeds. With diplomas in dog behaviour and training, each dog walker understands the traits, temperaments, physique and energy levels of all breeds.
We do not ‘pack walk’ and limit the number of dogs on each walk to a maximum of 6. This ensures each dog has the individual care it needs and deserves.
Your dog will have a great deal of fun and be fully exercised on their walk. They will be returned to you, towel dried, with a wagging tail.
Dog Walking

Day, night and holiday boarding.

Home from home dog boarding is the perfect alternative to dog kennel boarding. Boarding at dog kennels is not suitable for all dogs, especially if they are timid, nervous or are an older dog.
Paws Together know that time away from your dog can be stressful and we have learnt a lot over the years on how to minimise stress. We ask owners to bring their dog’s own bed, blanket and toys to make their stay as comfortable as possible.
Before your dog comes to share our home, we arrange a free meet and greet. This provides an opportunity to establish that your dog likes us and that owners are happy with the safe, secure and caring environment we provide. We will answer questions, discuss particular concerns and take note of any medication instructions.
Boarding at ours

Boarding at your home

Home boarding allows minimum disruption to your dog’s daily routine. We can stay at your home and care for your dog in the familiar and reassuring surroundings of their home. Members of our team are CRB checked at full disclosure, with enhanced military clearance for complete peace of mind. Your dog and your home will be secure in your absence; our clients are comforted that their property is not left unoccupied during their absence.
Boarding at home

Home visits

Paws Together offer a home visit service. When your dog is unable to leave home, we can visit to allow comfort breaks, arrange feeding and most important, to give some love and cuddles.Perhaps you have a special occasion to attend and do not want to leave your dog at home alone; we will come and keep your dog company and care for them in the same way you do.
Home Visits

Respite care

Owners may become unwell and are not able to walk, feed and play with their dog as normal. This is why Paws Together introduced our respite care service, to support owners when they are experiencing a health crisis, a change in lifestyle or a change to their work commitments. Our aim is to alleviate anxiety for our pet owners and allow them to concentrate on getting better or to assist during difficult times and ensure beloved pets continue to be happy and cared for.
Respite Care

Premium puppy service

A puppy is absolutely delightful but they need considerable care and attention to grow into well mannered dogs. Paws Together offer a Premier Puppy Service to lend a hand, especially for the 12 week duration that a puppy must not leave home, when they are vulnerable to infection. A puppy cannot be left on their own all day; we will visit and provide the necessary puppy care. Our Premier Puppy Service includes; replenishing water, feeding, playing, and dealing with puppy accidents!

When your puppy is ready to venture out, we can contribute to their training and help develop a well behaved and sociable character. We will carefully choose adult dogs and puppies for social integration. Your puppy will engage in challenging but appropriate puppy play time, their curious minds will be satisfied in a safe setting.

Puppy Service